Elekta's Harmony Linear Accelerator Earns CE Mark

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ImageElekta announced on Nov. 6 that it has received CE mark for its Elekta Harmony* linear accelerator (linac), clearing the technology for commercial sales in Europe. Initially, Elekta will introduce Harmony throughout Europe and other countries where the CE mark is recognized within the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific region.

A cancer treatment system designed to meet healthcare centers’ need for a productive, precise and versatile radiotherapy treatment system, Elekta Harmony perfectly balances productivity, versatility and precision without compromise, making it a solution for both mature and developing markets.

Renato Leite, Head of Region Europe at Elekta, said: “Harmony was built from the ground up with patients and users in mind. It is a practical system both for developing markets and those where radiotherapy is already well-established. This regulatory approval paves the way to increasing the number of patients, clinics and countries that will benefit from precision radiation medicine. We believe this brand new linac will be very successful in Europe and other regions making a positive contribution to advance cancer treatment.”

The most productive linac Elekta has ever designed, Elekta Harmony will provide enhanced:

  • Productivity: the new FastTrack in-room experience reduces patient setup time by as much as 50 percent**. Combined with further workflow enhancements, treatment slots can be reduced by up to 25 percent, enabling clinicians to deliver high-quality cancer care to more patients.
  • Precision: a best-in-class multi-leaf collimator provides one-millimeter resolution beam-shaping across the full 40 cm X 40 cm field size, which provides “shrink-wrapped” sub-millimeter conformality around the tumor target.
  • Versatility: the option of multiple energies, treatment techniques and imaging modalities, providing the versatility needed to treat the most common indications, including breast, lung, pelvic and head-and-neck cancers.

*Elekta Harmony is not available in all markets
**Data maintained internally

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Elekta's Harmony Linear Accelerator Earns CE Mark .  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| November 06, 2020
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