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The Reveal Image Challenge | Guerbet Presents First Image of the Year Award

During a special event at RSNA, Guerbet presented the first Image of the Year award to John W. Gianini, MD, a radiologist at Radiology Associates in Daytona Beach, FL.

Celebrating the First Clinical Administration of Elucirem™ (Gadopiclenol) Injection for MRI

Gadopiclenol represents an evolution in developing meaningful next-generation MR contrast agents because it reduces the dose of gadolinium.

MRI Contrast Innovation | A New High-Relaxivity, High Stability GBCA

Elucirem is a high-relaxivity, macrocyclic GBCA designed to deliver high-quality brain and body lesion visualization at half the conventional Gd dose.

Pediatric MRI: Trends in Contrast Utilization

“MR imaging has become faster, while the image quality has gotten better, which is a great combination in pediatric imaging,” Dr. Towbin said.

Neurological MRI: Trends in Contrast Utilization

At RAYUS Radiology in Minneapolis, Minnesota, neuroradiologist Blake A Johnson, MD, FACR, has noticed several clinical trends in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in recent years.

Clinical Evidence Supports Dotarem® Injection for MR Imaging

Considering relaxivity and stability when choosing a GBCA.

Delivering Stability with Macrocyclic Gadolinium Based Contrast Agents

Gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) are generally considered safe and effective for their FDA-approved indications.

The Benefits of Prefilled Syringe Utilization in MRI

Hear from two imaging professionals about their experiences using contrast media prefilled syringes in the MR suite.

Guerbet: A Dedication to Medical Imaging

Tom McLaughlin, Vice President for North America at Guerbet speaks about the company’s dedication to development of innovative solutions to support radiology.

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