Mireye Launches AI-based Software for X-ray Patient Positioning

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Mireye has launched its intelligent imaging technology that automates the patient positioning process for X-ray examinations, eliminating the need for manual measurements and body part alignment which currently takes up much of the technologists’ time during the imaging process and risks repeat exposure if done incorrectly. By changing this process, Mireye’s technology will allow more patients to be served under a safer environment with a greater chance of producing images that allow for successful diagnosis.

“Our purpose is to create extremely advanced technology and apply it to the medical imaging process so that it may be as automated as possible, creating the safest and most effective part of patient care,” said Derek Sexton, CEO of Mireye. “What you can imagine for medical imaging developments in the next several years, we want to make happen now.”

To this end, Mireye has focused on both software and hardware development to create its intelligent solutions. Dedicated software programming with AI and machine learning are an integral part of Mireye’s research and development. An immense amount of data had to be examined and processed just to develop a single function of the programming. Hardware development was also concentrated on to ensure the programming had the right environment and equipment to become a stable and viable full solution. Incorporating wireless communications between all components allow for an extremely advanced user experience.

The solution is currently being offered as an upgrade for existing medical imaging systems.

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Mireye Launches AI-based Software for X-ray Patient Positioning .  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| February 01, 2022

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