Mayo Clinic, Verily Collaborate to Develop Clinical Decision Support Solution

A collaboration between Mayo Clinic and Verily will focus on the development of a digital point-of-care resource of vetted knowledge to support an individualized approach to patient care. This modular, evidence-based decision support solution, will provide contextualized and validated knowledge on disease management, care guidelines and treatment to help clinician's make decisions.

Mayo Clinic will provide curated clinical content rooted in its multidisciplinary and multispecialty practice to Verily. In turn, Verily will apply advanced clinical analytics and user-centered design to deliver care insights that are integrated into the health care provider workflow. Initially, Mayo Clinic and Verily will focus on a set of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic conditions, with the aim to help guide clinicians toward the highest-quality care.

"The exponential growth in medical discovery and knowledge has reached the point where it is almost impossible for caregivers to keep up with the latest advances. This tool will make Mayo Clinic's deep expertise available to care teams so that they can have concise, relevant and applicable answers to clinical questions, tailored to specific needs of each patient," says Bradley Leibovich, MD, medical director of Mayo Clinic's Center for Digital Health. "We hope it can be used as a GPS for patient care."

"Mayo Clinic is leading the way in health care informatics and quality of care," says Vivian Lee, MD, President of Verily Health Platforms. "We have a unique opportunity to combine Mayo's leadership in knowledge management and clinical informatics with Verily's data science and product development expertise to create curated and validated clinical care pathways for clinicians. This initiative aims to provide the care team with the most validated care management plan for some of the most prevalent and costly chronic conditions."

The decision support tool will be developed based on a broad range of health-relevant data sources, including Mayo-vetted clinical knowledge and deidentified health record data. The tool will use open standards to enable integration with multiple commercial electronic health records. It will be first deployed at Mayo Clinic with the opportunity to extend the new solution to Verily's health system partners and customers.

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