New Version of Exa Platform with Automated Software Designed to Improve Workflow Efficiency

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A new version of the Exa Platform, which includes RIS, PACS, Billing and specialty viewers, is designed to improve radiology workflow efficiency through the use of automated software. According to Konica Minolta Healthcare, the new capabilities are the result of both planned product development and in response to customer feedback and needs.

One key features is resource scheduling, enabling sites to schedule patients based on the availability of a radiologist to interpret a specific exam or a technologist to perform a particular exam. This feature provides the necessary information to the scheduling staff, allowing patients to be scheduled in the right room at the right facility at the right time, potentially reducing delays in the imaging services being provided. Another important new feature is the ability to schedule appointments by region or market. This functionality is required for enterprise hospital systems or larger imaging center chains with facilities spanning multiple states or cities that utilize centralized scheduling.

“At our core, Konica Minolta is a customer-driven company that delivers advancements in technology to address both industry and customer-specific needs and trends,” says Kevin Borden, Vice President of Product, Healthcare IT, Konica Minolta Healthcare. “We are able to fold customer feedback into our planned development expeditiously and bring it to the market quickly so that all our customers can benefit from these enhancements.”

Additional new capabilities include an automated collections process for the Exa Billing module that delivers robust tools so radiology departments and practices can manage accounts with outstanding balances. Enhanced web-based portals allow patients to upload insurance cards and referring physicians to upload prior exams. To improve productivity, third-party software can now be launched from the Exa worklist while the Exa viewer with the full toolset can be launched from within an EMR. Security improvements including two factor authentication, DICOM print capabilities accessible on the Exa viewer and multiple panels in the Exa viewer providing all relevant content on one screen for radiologists, schedulers and billing staff to round out the new automated software enhancements.

“These new capabilities further differentiate Exa as a solution that meets the needs of both large and small radiology imaging providers,” says Tim Kearns, Strategic Marketing Manager for Healthcare IT at Konica Minolta. “Our customers have told us that productivity is a primary factor that impacts their success.

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New Version of Exa Platform with Automated Software Designed to Improve Workflow Efficiency.  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| April 14, 2021

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