RSNA 2020: Konica Minolta Healthcare Reinvents X-ray with Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR)

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. is showcasing its Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR) technology, now available on the company’s KDR® Advanced U-Arm X-ray system.

DDR reinvents X-ray by capturing a series of rapidly acquired images that result in a cine or movie, allowing clinicians to see how anatomic structures move in relation to one another over a period of time. With X-ray in motion, clinicians can view functional and physiological information that can be used to make more precise diagnoses and evaluate treatment pathways as well as reduce costs by avoiding the need for supplemental imaging exams.

“DDR is the reinvention of X-ray. We’re redefining X-ray as a diagnostic tool and delivering the capability to see things differently in a way you’ve not seen them before,” said Kirsten Doerfert, Senior Vice President Marketing, Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc.

Konica Minolta also introduced the SONIMAGE® HS2 Compact Ultrasound System, featuring advanced image clarity and innovative functionality optimized for point-of-care environments. Enhanced needle guidance, superior image quality, high-resolution blood flow imaging, hands-free voice control and an intuitive, wide view touchscreen monitor with improved annotation capabilities are several improvements users will experience.

In response to the growing need for teleradiology services resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Konica Minolta Healthcare introduced Exa® Gateway, a cost-effective platform for secure remote reading that connects hospital radiology departments, radiology practices and teleradiologists through technology and services. By utilizing a facility’s existing PACS investment, Exa Gateway minimizes costs and streamlines connectivity. Teleradiologists can use their current PACS worklist and viewer without additional strain on existing IT staff and resources. Hospital radiology departments can add to or start teleradiology services, providing the flexibility to manage fluctuating volumes. Radiology practices can implement remote reading capabilities with access to teleradiologists to handle overflow of studies or provide overreads and sub-specialty interpretations, enhancing their service to referring physicians and patients.

Konica Minolta also announced that the latest release of AeroRemote® Insights is now compatible with Konica Minolta’s X-ray systems driven by Ultra software, greatly expanding the reach of the service to even more imaging solutions. A cloud-based, business intelligence and analytics solution, AeroRemote Insights provides vital information on productivity, user performance and system health at a glance. With the ability to view data from any computer or mobile device, imaging departments are enabled to improve workflow, accuracy and uptime.

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