Mach7, ImageMover Partner to Add Point-of-Care Images and Videos to Enterprise Imaging Solution

Mach7 Technologies and ImageMover are partnering to provide an optimized, end-to-end solution to capture, archive, and view DICOM and Non-DICOM encounter-based images anytime and anywhere. This will give Mach7 customers access to a complete and comprehensive view of a patient’s medical imaging history to support clinical decisions and improve diagnostic confidence.

ImageMover CEO, Kevin Houlihan states, “Medical images play an increasingly important role in value-driven care. With Mach7, we are able to deliver a comprehensive enterprise solution with encounter-based imaging workflows, enterprise data management, and EHR-driven image review with their industry-leading enterprise diagnostic viewer.”

The Mach7 and ImageMover partnership further allows healthcare organizations to capture, store and view DICOM and non-DICOM images acquired from traditional modalities as well as mobile devices, cameras and image acquisition entry points, which enables the support of multi-specialty clinical workflows such as point-of-care ultrasound, endoscopy, dermatology and wound care. 

“In today's healthcare landscape, multi-media content has increased in both importance and spectrum of use. Medical specialties are increasingly using some form of imaging in their practice,” says Mike Lampron, CEO of Mach7. “The integrated Mach7-ImageMover solution will bring all medical images and videos, including services lines beyond Radiology and Cardiology, into the enterprise imaging archive.”

Lampron further states that the goal of combining the Mach7 VNA and zero-footprint enterprise diagnostic viewer with the ImageMover solution is to provide a seamless workflow in which all the necessary imaging data to perform clinical analysis and deliver a definitive patient diagnosis is available at the physicians’ fingertips. “The agreement with ImageMover will give the Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Solution an embedded encounter-based workflow integrated into the electronic health record to leverage and display images from across the enterprise. This will provide considerable differentiated value to our customers.”

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