Redefining CT, MRI and Fluoroscopy Imaging

For more than 80 years, Fujifilm has been dedicated to continuous innovation in medical imaging. Today, FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation’s products uniquely address the latest concerns about growing patient volume, staffing challenges, patient comfort and image quality. Fujifilm provides an ever-expanding portfolio of diagnostic imaging systems to hospitals, outpatient imaging, and surgery centers of every size. This is especially evident in their ongoing support of rural and community hospitals, helping them economically deliver high-performance diagnostic imaging.

“Everyone deserves equal access to high-performance imaging. That’s why Fujifilm deploys products without compromises on image quality and capabilities. Our imaging systems are the clear choice for both larger and rural hospitals, as well as for outpatient facilities seeking to provide the latest in medical care to their communities. With our advanced technologies, providers of all sizes can deliver high-performance diagnostic imaging solutions economically,” said Shawn Etheridge, executive director of modality solutions marketing at FUJIIFLM Healthcare Americas Corporation.

Fujifilm provides extensive service and training at no additional cost to customers covered by warranties and contracts, including post-sales marketing efforts to build relationships with referring physicians.

“We make it our responsibility to provide customers with affordable, state-of-the-art equipment. We also show them how to get a high return on their investment through higher utilization of equipment and expanded services for their communities,” said Rob Fabrizio, director of strategic marketing, diagnostic imaging, FUJIIFLM Healthcare Americas Corporation.

New CT Solutions

Fujifilm is dedicated to developing CT technologies that address the biggest challenges in radiology, including patient volume, radiation dose and image quality.

The company recently unveiled the FCT iStream*, its new compact, 128-slice CT system. The FCT iStream leverages Fujifilm’s exclusive Vision Model iterative progressive reconstruction (IPV) for up to 83% dose reduction, and intelliODM, an organ dose modulating feature that reduces dose by 30% without compromising image quality. The system can reconstruct 60 images per second, contributing to a quick scanning experience and streamlined workflow.

“FCT iStream is an economical solution for high-volume, low-dose CT imaging. It helps enhance reconstruction and image quality, all while accommodating additional patient volumes, so outpatient providers and community hospitals can take advantage of fast scans, great image quality and siting advantages,” said Etheridge.

The SCENARIA View, meanwhile, is a powerful 128-slice premium performance CT solution that provides dependable routine application capabilities with available advanced clinical features for interventional CT, extended coverage Shuttle Scanning (for perfusion exams), cardiac CTA and dual energy examinations. The advanced shifting table provides seamless isocenter positioning, while the new AI-enabled camera technology combined with AutoPose enables technologists to auto plan both the CT scanograms and scan acquisition with precision and efficiency.

“The SCENARIA View makes a lot of sense for outpatient centers, as well as hospitals that are looking for a premium CT that is easily siteable and delivers short scan times. It’s reliable, it delivers great image quality day in and day out, and it prevents delivering excessive dose to patients,” said Etheridge.

In addition, the SCENARIA View Focus Edition CT platform is designed to better meet the needs of a wide range of patients and providers. The Focus Edition is an outstanding CT for radiology, cardiology and emergency departments, as well as outpatient locations. It leverages Fujifilm’s more powerful “Focus Engine” image processor and operator console, resulting in valuable benefits beyond the standard SCENARIA View CT .



Powerful New MRI Technologies 

Fujifilm’s pioneering MRI innovations are versatile solutions tailored to facilities of all sizes and budgets. The company continues to redefine advanced imaging with high-performance, patient-centric systems that set new standards in MRI technology.

Echelon Synergy is a cutting-edge 1.5T system that combines power and affordability. It changes the MRI game with its siting flexibility, minimal power and helium usage, rapid exam times, and low total cost of ownership. Its Synergy DLR, Fujifilm's Deep Learning Reconstruction, is powered by artificial intelligence to enhance image quality while reducing noise and shortening scan times.

Echelon Synergy offers an ideal alternative for hospitals, outpatient imaging centers and orthopedic practices looking for a powerful and economical 1.5T system equipped with the latest performance-enhancing capabilities and benefits.

“Echelon Synergy has all the capabilities you need on a 1.5T system. It has a powerful gradient package, a 32-channel RF system and the latest blanket-type RF coils. On top of all of that, it also includes Synergy DLR, which delivers excellent image quality while reducing scan times. The relationship between scan time and image quality is improved so facilities can handle high volumes but still get excellent image quality,” said Etheridge.

This year, Fujifilm expects to launch the APERTO Lucent Plus*, offering a permanent magnet system with a 0.4T static field strength and a space-saving gantry designed for patient comfort. The system boasts a unique single-pillar, wide-open patient space to reduce site requirements, simplify exam access, and provide a more comfortable patient experience. The system also features a lateral shift table, RADAR motion compensation, IP-Recon and RF fat suppression.

“APERTO offers everything you'd like to see in a high-performance MRI system, but in an easily siteable configuration. It’s great for a small orthopedic practice or a site looking for an overflow magnet to handle volume they can't manage on their other systems. With APERTO, a facility can bring excellent image quality to their patients and referring physicians,” said Etheridge.

OASIS Velocity delivers the best of both worlds: patient-centric care and clinical excellence. With its truly open architecture, advanced magnet design, Workflow Integrated and Zenith RF coil technology, OASIS Velocity is engineered to handle all patients with confidence – without compromising on performance or efficiency.

“The capabilities of the OASIS Velocity rival what you can do with a 1.5T horizontal field system. The scan times will be short and the image quality will be great, which will be excellent for orthopedic imaging and neuro applications,” said Etheridge.

The currently installed base of OASIS systems can all be upgraded to the OASIS Velocity platform to accommodate the latest technologies to scan faster and deliver a more satisfying patient experience.



Next-generation Fluoroscopy Systems

The Persona RF PREMIUM+ is a new, multi-purpose radiography, fluoroscopy system designed for hospitals and medical centers of all sizes and is well-suited for a wide range of procedures, including orthopedic, radiographic, barium, swallow, endoscopy studies and more. The system offers a unique extended range of imaging capabilities, including the ability to achieve 71 inches source to image distance (SID) to accommodate chests and long-length exams without the use of a secondary overhead tube. Its heavy-duty table design has a 584-pound weight capacity without movement restrictions, and the system fits in even tighter spaces than before.

“Our RF system accommodates more radiology exams than a typical RF system, so it’s uniquely designed to increase room utilization and provide a higher return on investment,” said Fabrizio.

The Persona C-HR* is Fujifilm’s newest mobile fluoroscopy C-arm solution, providing 30 frames per second pulsed fluoroscopy images at low dose. The system is engineered for fast, precise positioning and advanced image quality to visualize intricate details and cardiac procedures in real-time. It features one of the largest openings at 81 cm for improved surgical access, easier positioning and to accommodate larger patients. It’s also the lightest in its class, weighing up to 200 pounds less than competitive systems.

“The Persona C-HR delivers high speed, high resolution at low dose, and it’s able to capture 30 frames per second for vascular procedures. The fast pulse rate allows reduced dose per pulse, resulting in low dose to staff and patients, with smooth, clear images during these procedures. It's an extremely versatile system,” said Fabrizio.



An Innovative Partner

When it comes to partnering with their customers, innovation and a commitment to excellence are what drives Fujifilm. Choosing Fujifilm for diagnostic imaging services is a smart move for any healthcare facility.

“Fujifilm doesn’t compromise on our equipment or on the way we support our customers,” said Etheridge.

Fabrizio said facilities should choose Fujifilm for the company’s focus on continuous innovation. “Our portfolio is expanding every year with valuable new introductions to every category across the imaging portfolio,” he said. “Our focus is keeping dose as low as possible and still providing amazing image quality in every product that we offer. Whether it be MRI, CT or fluoroscopy, we deliver quality images. And when the focus is on image quality and dose, Fujifilm is the clear choice.”

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