Technology Transfer of MRI Spectrometer for Cryogen-free 3T and 7T Systems

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As part of a 2019 agreement, Mediso Medical Imaging Systems (Budapest, Hungary) completed the technology transfer of the of the new Cameleon4 MRI spectrometer developed by RS2D (Strasbourg, France).  Following the IP transfer, the new console is seamlessly integrated into Mediso’s nanoScan cryogen-free 3T and 7T MRI product line.

For the past seven years Mediso and RS2D partnered in a technology license and commercial agreement to deliver the new line of nanoScan 3T and 7T MRI systems all based on a patented truly cryogen-free superconducting magnet technology. In 2019 parties extended their collaboration further into a Technology Transfer deal providing access to the entire IP for Mediso.

Gergő Bagaméry, Director of Preclinical Product Development at Mediso commented, "Keeping the know-how of core imaging technologies was always essential for Mediso. This agreement strengthens MRI as a core-competence, along with PET, SPECT and CT, thus completing the entire imaging portfolio. In the past years we invested significant resources to build an MRI electronics and sequence development team and this technology allows us to bring novel, high-end MRI applications to the market."

Rémy Schimpf, Senior VP Sales at Nanalysis and RS2D founder, said, "We have had a fruitful relationship with Mediso over the past seven years, and we look forward to continuing to strengthen the relationship for many years to come. Through our reinforced R&D team in Strasbourg, we have introduced the fourth generation of spectrometer the Cameleon4 that allows us to continue to expand our horizons for all NMR and MRI applications."

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Technology Transfer of MRI Spectrometer for Cryogen-free 3T and 7T Systems.  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| April 27, 2021

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