ScImage introduces PCIOM ModalityGuard™

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Enterprise imaging solution vendor ScImage has introduced the PICOM ModalityGuard to minimize security risks of data packets transferred among picture archiving communication systems (PACS), electronic health records (EHRs), and/or financial systems.

The Los Altos, CA-headquartered company states that PICOM ModalityGuard provides transparent DICOM C-Store, C-Find, C-Move, MWL services to unsecure DICOM and non-DICOM devices from the enterprise by placing them in an isolated private network. It enables legacy medical devices to operate as they normally do while being fully protected from cybersecurity threats. Organizations are also protected in situations where patient data is captured in a non-DICOM format.

ScImage explained that customers using PICOM365 Enterprise PACS, the traffic between PicomGateway and the PICOM365 is already secure, but third-party enterprise PACS can introduce new security risks. that are solved by PICOM ModalityGuard. PICOM365 is a flexible, scalable, and secure solution for any size organization to read, report, and exchange imaging data in a DoD, SCAP and STIGs approved system.

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ScImage introduces PCIOM ModalityGuard™.  Appl Radiol. 

By Staff News Brief| August 26, 2019
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