RSNA 2020: Philips introduces industry-first vendor-agnostic Radiology Operations Command Center (ROCC)

Philips recently announced commercial launch of the Philips Radiology Operations Command Center (ROCC), the industry’s first vendor-agnostic, multimodality (MR and CT), radiology operations command center solution. This new virtual solution enables real-time, remote collaboration between technologists, radiologists and imaging operations teams across multiple sites via private, secure telepresence capabilities.

Powered by Philips’ proprietary, patented operational performance management technology, ROCC breaks down communication barriers and maximizes the value of top staff without compromising imaging quality, safety or security. By connecting imaging experts at a command center with technologists in scan locations near and far, ROCC enables real-time collaboration and support.

“For the first time, this vendor-agnostic command center is able to provide a hub-and-spoke model for virtualized imaging. This scalable approach means that people don’t have to be co-located in one central space, giving facilities the ability to distribute the command center capability across an entire system. This is a disruptive solution that solves a problem here and now, but will have long-term implications on how imaging care is done,” said Vijay Parthasarathy, PhD, Precision Diagnosis Ventures at Philips.

Philips is also debuting its AI-enabled, automated Radiology Workflow Suite of end-to-end solutions to drive operational efficiency through the integration, digitalization and virtualization of radiology.

By taking a systems view of imaging, Philips is connecting workflows across the imaging enterprise to help improve outcomes for patients and enhance the efficiency and work experience of radiologists, technologists and administrators. Philips Radiology Workflow Suite is designed to be vendor-agnostic and can be implemented in any radiology department around the world. Philips’ portfolio of integrated solutions featured in the Radiology Workflow Suite includes imaging technologies, informatics solutions and related solutions for disease management, patient engagement and more.

“This radiology Workflow Suite is a constellation of solutions that pass data to each other and also pull data from the modalities in a vendor-neutral way. It’s the third leg of the radiology stool: the equipment, the clinical informatics, and now the operational informatics to bring it all together. This integration then delivers anywhere from 5% to 20% cost savings in the overall radiology costs, with better outcomes and patient experiences. It also supports a better staff experience, which is important in the era of COVID-19 as healthcare staff experience high levels of burnout and fatigue,” said Sham Sokka, PhD, Vice President, Precision Diagnosis at Philips.

Visitors to the Philips virtual RSNA platform can participate in live, on-demand sessions and explore a unique 3D environment that allows them to customize hands-on demos featuring the latest breakthrough innovations from Philips across diagnostic and interventional imaging. Visit Philips Live at RSNA 2020 for more information.

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