RSNA 2020: Guerbet connects contrast media, injection solutions and digital solutions

Guerbet is featuring the UNIK solution that interconnects the comprehensive Guerbet portfolio of contrast media, injection solutions, digital solutions and technical support. UNIK supports clinicians by enabling the traceability of injected contrast media; enhancing clinical operation through optimal product combination; and offering potential cost savings, achieved through integration, improved workflow and smart financing services.

“UNIK is well-positioned in COVID and beyond to make things more efficient for the radiologist and the radiology department. UNIK ties together our contrast, our injectors, our syringes and our informatics to help healthcare workers move more smoothly through their day by getting information to them quickly and efficiently,” said Thomas McLaughlin, VP, Guerbet North America.

The company is also highlighting Dose&Care®, a digital solution to monitor patients' exposure to radiation, and Contrast&Care®, a contrast media injection management solution that enables imaging centers to collect, archive, examine and share data directly with Guerbet's injectors. Attendees can register for a preview demonstration of a new version, Contrast&Care®+ (demonstration version only – not available for commercial sale) to discover the new contrast injection management solution.

Also on display is IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis, a radiologist-trained artificial intelligence tool that aims to extract relevant patient information and summarizes into a tailored and specific dashboard to help physicians make informed diagnostic decisions. “Patient Synopsis gets information in front of the radiologist to support efficiency and quickly read cases. It’s helping bring some relief to the radiologist,” said McLaughlin.

Guerbet offers prefilled syringes that are fully self-contained and require no transference of contrast prior to injection, helping reduce the risk of contamination during COVID-19. They’re supplied in a durable plastic syringe, which allows for improved convenience and workflow efficiency.

The company is also highlighting its microcatheters, including SeQure® for the infusion of contrast media into all peripheral vessels and for drug infusion in intra-arterial therapy and infusion of embolic materials, and Drakon™ for the infusion of contrast media into all peripheral vessels and drug infusion in intra-arterial therapy and infusion of embolic materials.

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