Leica Digital Pathology Scanner Now Supports DICOM Imaging

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Leica Biosystems’ Next Generation Aperio GT 450 DX scanner now produces DICOM Whole Slide Images (WSI) natively, meeting industry standards to enable compatibility with PACS and tighter integration of digital pathology imaging into the diagnostic pathway. The company worked with Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS as part of the National Pathology Imaging Co-operative (NPIC) program to develop a DICOM implementation solution.

 "Standardization and interoperability are vital for the successful adoption of digital technologies in healthcare," said Dr. Darren Treanor, Consultant Pathologist and Director of NPIC. "For over 30 years DICOM has been the standard in medical imaging, and we are championing its use in digital pathology. In our NPIC program, we see DICOM as the best way to ensure integration of digital pathology into routine practice."

"This development enables our customers to more easily integrate digital pathology into their existing PACS workflow and drive optimized outcomes for their patients," said Lance Mikus, Director of Product Management for Imaging Solutions at Leica Biosystems."

The DICOM imaging module for Aperio GT 450 DX is now available for customers in selected countries.

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Leica Digital Pathology Scanner Now Supports DICOM Imaging.  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| July 12, 2021

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