Canon Medical launches ENCORE Orian MR upgrade program


Canon Medical Systems USA has introduced the ENCORE Orian MR upgrade program for customers who use its magnetic resonance imaging scanners. Vantage and Atlas™ scanners can be upgraded to the Vantage™ Orian 1.5T, the company’s new MR scanner. This upgrade will cost less than purchasing a new system and will have a lower cost, according to the Tustin, CA-headquartered company.

The upgrade includes an all-new detachable, dockable table option enabling preparation outside the scan room, designed to enhance workflow and to allow medical staff to respond to patient requirements quickly and easily. It also includes a redesigned digital gantry interface which displays important patient-related and coil information.

The Orian also includes the EasyTech software package, featuring:

  • NeuroLine+ to achieve outstanding scan consistency for all brain exams;
  • SpineLine with auto-locator functionality. This allows providers to plan spine studies quickly and easily, and sagittal and coronal locators to set double-oblique slices, enhancing the reproducibility of follow-up exams;
  • SUREVOI Knee to support the accurate alignment of the knee to the isocenter. This capability helps to reduces artifact-related rescans; and
  • KneeLine+ to improve reproducibility and image quality.
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Canon Medical launches ENCORE Orian MR upgrade program.  Appl Radiol. 

August 02, 2019
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