Terumo Launches New Peripheral Coil System in US

Terumo Medical Corporation has launched its new AZUR HydroPack Peripheral Coil System in the US. The AZUR HydroPack Coil System is a soft, universal-shaped platinum and hydrogel coil designed to find and fill empty space within the vessel. It is also the only packing coil to use proprietary designed hydrogel technology to create a gel core for mechanical occlusion, a unique feature of AZUR peripheral coils.[1] Terumo received Food and Drug Administration clearance for the AZUR HydroPack Coil System earlier this year; it is fully available starting today.

"The AZUR HydroPack Peripheral Coil System provides optimized stability and precise delivery. Its versatility and efficiency provide interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons with an ideal solution to ensure the best possible outcome for patients," said Chris Pearson, Executive Vice President, Terumo Interventional Systems (TIS) – North America. "Its state-of-the-art design and uniform microcatheter compatibility set it apart from other packing coils. This is important as the market for peripheral coil embolization expands and diversifies."

The AZUR HydroPack Peripheral Coil System has a true .018" primary wind and is available in long lengths – ranging from 5 to 60 cm – making it the longest gel core coil on the market according to Terumo. It allows for flexible sizing and can be deployed through 2.4Fr or 2.8Fr microcatheters in a single-coil platform. With no requirements for vessel-diameter sizing other than placement of an anchor coil, this may reduce the amount of inventory required to support a wide variety of peripheral embolization procedures. The soft coil design paired with an enhanced pusher allows for ease of delivery, optimized trackability and microcatheter stability.

"Our unique hydrogel technology is a key differentiator as it creates a gel core and promotes new tissue growth versus the basic thrombogenic response of a traditional platinum coil. It also will allow physicians to fill open vessel space confidently and efficiently while minimizing reperfusion," said Michael J. Martinelli, MD, FACC, FSCAI and Chief Medical Officer, Terumo Medical Corporation. "Additionally, the tight packing and durable occlusion associated with hydrogel technology put the AZUR HydroPack Coil System in a category of its own in the peripheral coil market."

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