Shimadzu Adds Power Assist Technology to Radiographic System

The RADspeed Pro style edition, a high-end radiographic system from Shimadzu Medical Systems USA, now features POWER GLIDE, part of the company’s GLIDE Technology. This power assist technology was developed for the high-end radiographic system, allowing it to operate smoothly and more comfortably while improving radiographic examination environments at healthcare facilities nationally.

In general radiography, the radiological technologist must maneuver an X-ray tube support assembly suspended from ceiling rails to position it to the target exposure area. Operating the X-ray tube support involves moving the assembly along ceiling rails but due to the operator's risk of shoulder or lower back pain, there is a need to reduce the burden on operators. Reducing operating loads and enabling a smoother workflow would also shorten the time that patients must maintain a particular body position during examinations.

The newly developed power assist reflects Shimadzu's extensive technology and experience cultivated over many years. The technology named POWER GLIDE, makes the X-ray tube positioning extremely light and smooth as if gliding in air. The forces applied to the handle during operation vary from person to person. The amount of power assist that each operator feels is optimal for operations, such as for large movements or detailed positioning adjustments, differs as well. Furthermore, general radiography examinations require fine operability as in positioning the X-ray exposure area to within a few millimeters by operating the X-ray tube support assembly from large distances.

To satisfy those high operability requirements, POWER GLIDE power assist technology instantaneously senses the amount of force applied by an operator during each operation, calculates the amount of assist-force required, and activates the motors accordingly to provide optimal operating assistance smoothly in real time. This extremely high responsiveness of POWER GLIDE ensures the system can be comfortably and quickly positioned as intended in any situation.

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