Online Learning Platform for Radiology Educators Launched

DetectedX will launch MyImageDx, a fully customizable, interactive learning platform providing radiology educators the ability to design and deliver image-based learning at the Association of University Radiologists Annual Meeting, April 25-28 in Austin, TX.

MyImageDx enables educators to leverage existing DetectedX content or load their own educational content for easily accessible and secure online learning. The next generation technology transforms the teaching and learning experience for clinicians, educators and students alike. Designed based on evidence-based teaching strategies for the imaging workforce, the on-demand, web-based training platform features several teaching templates for image uploading, assembling and distributing to users with seamless image-interactive facilities. It includes:

  • Diagnostic self-assessment modules, shown to improve senior clinician's diagnostic abilities, involves the user looking at a predefined number of cases with known truth and diagnosing the image;
  • Image quality self-assessment modules: junior radiologists/radiographers/students can test themselves on judging diagnostic image quality/positioning against experts;
  • Quizzes: single patient cases can be shown, often with multi-modality images: users are tested on image appearances;
  • MCQs/multiple answer choices: any is image uploaded with immediate truth provided;
  • Videos/presentations: interactions can be built into the delivery with immediate truths given.

"MyImageDx provides the best of both worlds in terms of radiology education.  Users can leverage DetectedX's intelligent interactive educational technology and content from such world-renowned educators as Professor László Tabár and Professor Mary Rickard, or they can create and organize their own content using our award-winning templates and educational approaches," said Professor Patrick Brennan, CEO DetectedX and Chair, Diagnostic Imaging, the University of Sydney.

MyImageDx providers radiology educators access to a personalized imaging educational platform without having to build it in-house. By assembling all imaging education content in one secure, on-demand location, educators can build a comprehensive library of cases and modules to upskill and engage students and staff. MyImageDx facilitates the delivery of learning world-wide for peer review, MDT and discrepancy activities for students, radiologists and radiographers anywhere, anytime.

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