Konica Minolta Launches Radiography and Ultrasound Solutions

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc., announced several new solutions in digital radiography (DR) and ultrasound that will be introduced at the 2023 Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting from November 26-30 in Chicago, IL.

The company is launching its newest flat panel detector, the Universal DR 17 x 48 Long Detector, an advanced diagnostic solution to meet the needs of musculoskeletal, orthopedic, and neuro spine specialists. With single exposure imaging capabilities, Universal DR 17 x 48 captures the full spine or hip-to-ankle imaging without requiring multiple acquisitions or image stitching. This capability simplifies clinical workflow and reduces patient exposure to radiation dose. 20/20 Imaging, a division of Konica Minolta Healthcare, will also launch the detector for chiropractic practices.

Expanding the portfolio in Latin America markets, the company introduces the Momentum KXR Digital Radiography System, an efficient and versatile floor mount solution that offers both table and wall-stand imaging capabilities. Powered by Ultra imaging software and Konica Minolta’s advanced AeroDR flat panel detectors, Momentum KXR provides exceptional image quality and the right combination of advanced features to simplify operation for most general radiography applications. As the first of several new DR systems for these markets, the Momentum KXR is designed to assist users with the transition from analog to digital.

Also being introduced at this year's RSNA is UltraStream Live!, a new capability of the SONIMAGE MX1 Platinum Ultrasound System for real-time remote consultation and imaging guidance. UltraStream Live! is the first integrated, real-time streaming feature available on a point-of-care ultrasound system providing talk, screen sharing and video streaming directly to a PC or mobile device. High-resolution, high-frame rate and low latency images can be sent to a consulting provider during a live scan. Two-way audio feed enables real-time remote system control and clinical assessment, consultation on complex exams and training on care protocols, bringing the expert to the bedside or exam room regardless of where they are located. With UltraStream Live!, providers can maximize staff productivity, improve workflow and enhance patient care for better outcomes.

Konica Minolta builds on the success of AeroRemote Insights with a new release that enables easier management of digital radiography assets. AeroRemote Insights 3.0 productivity dashboard now features a consolidated Staff Performance page, providing department managers with all the data they need in one place. Managers can view important metrics such as exam volumes, rejected image rates, dose indicators, and panel impact details by location, time, or technologist. They can compare department results with the rest of the AeroRemote Insights community and establish benchmarks for improvement.

"At Konica Minolta Healthcare we strive to be innovative, collaborative and responsive to our customers as we transform the capabilities of the most widely used imaging technologies to bring even greater diagnostic precision," says Kirsten Doerfert, Sr. Vice President of Marketing. "The rapid adoption of Dynamic Digital Radiography across multiple clinical specialties is a testament to the commitment we bring to our work every day. That commitment results in solutions that are powerful enablers, fostering a greater synergy between innovation and health, and allowing healthcare professionals to focus on what truly matters—patients and their well-being."

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