EZaccessMD Introduces At-Home Mobile Health Services in Indiana and Michigan

EZaccessMD has partnered with Home Team Mobile Diagnostics and BioTech X-ray to bring at-home diagnostics and mobile imaging to employees’ homes or work in southern Michigan and Indiana, respectively. The partnerships are intended to help reduce barriers to receiving quality healthcare in the two states.

EZaccessMD is reportedly the first and only provider in the US to offer both tele-consults with a U.S. Board Certified Physician – and an in-person diagnosis – with mobile technicians and equipment promptly sent directly to a patient's home. EZaccessMD patients, and their family members, have access to over 80% of urgent care services, including rapid COVID and other lab testing, X-ray services, and ultrasounds – all in the comfort of their home or workplace.

"Accessibility to quality health services continues to be a critical barrier for communities nationwide, amplified only further by COVID-19," said Lois Irwin, President of EZaccessMD. "We work with employers to ensure their workforce has an unparalleled level of healthcare convenience at their fingertips, while saving companies the cost of expensive medical claims – a win-win that's key to hiring and workforce retention."

The pandemic has led to an increase in popularity of telemedicine services over the last year, but EZaccessMD has been on the forefront of mobile healthcare since 2016, serving as the nation's first in-home mobile healthcare service. The organization is dedicated to making healthcare as easy and accessible as possible, eliminating common barriers like out-of-pocket expenses, travel, and office hours. EZaccessMD is now available in 16 states with an unprecedented Net Promotor Score of +85 (industry average is 24).

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