Launches Prostate MRI Solution announced the widespread commercialization of their prostate MRI solution, OnQ Prostate. OnQ Prostate is FDA-cleared post-processing software that aids radiologists in their interpretation of prostate MRI by supporting improved detection of clinically significant prostate cancer. This is accomplished using an advanced diffusion-weighted imaging method called Restriction Spectrum Imaging (RSI), exclusively licensed to RSI, initially developed for brain cancer and utilized in NeuroQuant Brain Tumor, increases the conspicuity and specificity of restricted diffusion, a hallmark characteristic of aggressive cancer cells. Studies on RSI in the prostate have shown improved MR-based cancer detection and correlation with underlying histopathology compared to conventional imaging.

The use of OnQ Prostate has previously been limited to a small number of top-tier academic institutions and imaging centers to validate clinical utility and gather feedback. Now, with the latest version of the software recently released, is excited to begin actively selling through its established commercial channel.

"This announcement is an important step in increasing the awareness and accessibility of OnQ Prostate beyond its earliest adopters, so that more physicians and patients can benefit from this technology," says Brittany Hunt, who was recently named the Head of Prostate Business Development at

Beyond the radiology value propositions of improved PI-RADS accuracy, inter-reader agreement, and workflow efficiency, OnQ Prostate also makes it easier for non-radiologists to interpret and interact with the images after the exam. For example, urologists may use OnQ Prostate images to assist in patient-selection for biopsy and treatment, planning of those procedures, and simplified communication with their patients. OnQ Prostate has the imminent potential to elevate multiple clinical workflows that use MRI throughout the prostate cancer care pathway from initial screening to after treatment, bridging the gaps between radiologists, referring physicians, and patients.

"We are consistently striving to be at the forefront of innovation and bringing best in class value to our users and patients. Our OnQ Prostate product continues to showcase this focus.  We are going beyond the brain and utilizing our RSI technology to those focused on diagnosing and treating patients with prostate cancer," said Kyle Frye, CEO of "Patients and users deserve to have a more specific and efficient technology that will allow for diagnosis and subsequent treatments to happen.  We couldn't be more excited to launch our technology into the market!"

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