At ECR 2024, Guerbet Set to Unveil AI Program, Bring New Contrast to EU

Guerbet will unveil its advances in diagnostic imaging with the approval in Europe of Elucirem (Gadopiclenol) the next generation of gadolinium-based contrast agent (GBCA) from Guerbet and a disruptive Artificial Intelligence program.

Elucirem (Gadopiclenol), a contrast agent with high relaxivity enabling less gadolinium use newly approved in Europe will be officially presented to European radiologists.  With strong clinical evidence, Elucirem (Gadopiclenol) offers a significant advance in macrocyclic contrast agents, guaranteeing high-quality image while minimizing impact on patients and the environment.

“Guerbet remains committed to pushing back the frontiers of medical imaging, offering innovative solutions that redefine standards of care while integrating environmentally friendly practices”, concludes Philippe Bourrinet, Guerbet VP Medical Director.

Guerbet is positioning itself as a main player in AI in radiology.

The AI program will explore Guerbet's major advances in this field, highlighting crucial topics such as MRI detection of prostate cancer, the use of deep learning-based algorithms to detect focal liver lesions, and a new approach with AI for pancreatic cancer detection.


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