SyntheticMR, Mahajan Imaging Collaborate on Normative Database for Brain Values in India

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SyntheticMR is collaborating with Mahajan Imaging to create a normative database of brain tissue volumes, including myelin correlated volume and myelin fraction, in a healthy Indian population of various age groups from 6 to 90 years of age. This normative database will help establish the normal quantitative values for intracranial volume (ICV), brain parenchymal volume (BPV), and brain parenchymal fraction (BPF) for different age groups of Indian population.

Ethical approval has been granted for the study which will involve seven hospitals across India. To secure and facilitate the transfer of the collected data, SyntheticMR has selected CARPL, an end-to-end development, testing, and deployment platform for medical imaging applications. SyntheticMR has previously used CARPL to run regulatory studies and is now leveraging its ability to perform on-site de-identification of imaging data before the data gets shared to a central CARPL cloud for further analyses. The study has already started and will complete in the second part of 2022.

"This will be an important study for establishing normative data for the evaluation of several neurological diseases.  I am excited that this data originating from India will be closer to reality for several Asian countries, thus resulting in more accurate diagnosis and treatment with better clinical outcomes," says Dr. Harsh Mahajan, Founder & Chief Radiologist at Mahajan Imaging, the company which has contributed their MRI machine time at no cost for this study. He is also the principal investigator for this study.

This is a significant step for SyntheticMR on the Indian market,” says Deepak Sharma, Head of Sales at SyntheticMR India & SEA. “We are happy to collaborate with such influential institutions to further establish a normative reference data for the Indian population. We believe that this will strengthen our position in India. We are excited to collaborate so closely with CARPL and the team at Mahajan Imaging.”

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SyntheticMR, Mahajan Imaging Collaborate on Normative Database for Brain Values in India.  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| April 05, 2022

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