Stanford Treats First US Commercial Patient with Exablate Prostate System

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The first US commercial patient with prostate disease has been treated with the Insightec Exablate Prostate system at Stanford Health Care. The Insightec Exablate Prostate system received 510(k) FDA clearance in November 2021, making way for the system to be offered to patients in a commercial facility.

The Insightec Exablate Prostate system uses sound waves to ablate, or destroy, targeted tissue in the prostate. The treatment is performed in a single session under MRI guidance for high resolution visualization of the patient's anatomy for precise targeting and real-time temperature monitoring. The treatment is incisionless, typically allowing patients to quickly return to normal activity with minimal complications.

"We are deeply committed to continuing to transform patient care with minimally invasive, innovative surgical procedures. The Exablate Prostate system will help support a better quality of life for people diagnosed and living with prostate disease," commented Maurice R. Ferré MD, Insightec CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Stanford Health Care participated in clinical trials for the Exablate Prostate system and reported minimal damage to adjacent structures and low rates of impact on potency and continence.

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Stanford Treats First US Commercial Patient with Exablate Prostate System.  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| February 03, 2022

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