QUIBIM AI chest X-ray classification tool receives CE Mark

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QUIBIM of Valencia, Spain, announced that its Chest X-Ray Classification artificial intelligence  tool has received class CE Mark certification. The new AI tool, which works within the QUIBIM Precision® platform, dynamically learns using new images, enabling it to continuously evolve over time.

QUIBIM applies machine learning and image processing techniques to extract imaging biomarkers from medical images in order to assist radiologists and physicians in daily practice. With its AI-based chest x-ray classifier, QUIBIM helps to detect pathological findings that could go unreported.

The company said that the new tool makes use of a novel architecture based on referee networks combined with Convolutional Neural Networks that have been trained with a database of more than 500,000 images, to calculate the final probability of the X-Ray of being abnormal. These probabilities are used to estimate the presence of pathologies in chest X-Rays. Artificial intelligence methodology enables the classifier to understand the visual patterns that are most indicative of the different pathologies using the knowledge extracted from the large dataset of radiographs used to train the networks.

QUIBIM’S Chest X-Ray Analysis Tool is already available at QUIBIM Precision, an image repository and analysis platform accessible through the cloud. It can also be fully integrated in a radiology department’s workflow as a local solution for seamless interpretation of chest X-rays.

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QUIBIM AI chest X-ray classification tool receives CE Mark.  Appl Radiol. 

By Staff News Brief| June 14, 2019

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