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The way we learn

What do you all think of the push to the MOC and the new Boards? If you haven't formed an opinion yet, read the disclaimer! Read More

Could computer-aided diagnosis take over?

I’m thinking within the next 15 years we will see a lot of computer-performed early reads (like EKGs).  Eventually computers could do all the surgery and also examine patients.   So, when we lose our jobs, our colleagues will lose theirs, as well.    Read More

Give me that clinical info

What is the most useless piece of clinical information you’ve ever been provided on a request?     Read More

Normal. No… Really. It’s normal.

What is the number of the most questions you’ve been asked following your statement that an exam is normal?   You know the conversation. “Did you look at Mr. Smith’s  chest x-ray ?” “Yes, it was normal. Read More

Yeah, I got your early read right here….

What’s the most ridiculous “early read” request you’ve had? I got another one of those requests the other day that make me completely insane.   Read More

Is this the “bottom line” for doctors?

We are looking at real and honest-to-God MASSIVE cuts in our reimbursements over the next few years. Read More

How many is too many?

How many monitors are enough: One? Two? Three? Four? Are there any people out there who have more than four?  Read More


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