Samsung Unveils V8 High-End Ultrasound System

The V8, a new a high-end ultrasound system that provides enhanced image quality, usability and convenience in ultrasound, has been launched by NeuroLogica Corp., the US healthcare subsidiary of Samsung. The V8 was recently cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for commercial use in the USA. It features two new artificial intelligence (AI) functions, including NerveTrack, an AI technology that detects the location of nerves during live scanning, and UterineAssist, which detects tissue changes and helps users measure the uterus.

“We are pleased to launch the V8. We designed it with the user in mind, from its premium imaging engine to its ergonomic design,” said David Legg, Vice President, Ultrasound and Digital Radiography, NeuroLogica. “The “V” in “V8” stands for “versatile” because a wide range of departments from obstetrics to radiology and orthopedics to cardiology can make use of its complex functions. We anticipate the V8 to become a flagship product within the high-end ultrasound category.”

Crystal Architecture is the core of the V8’s exceptional image clarity and penetration and is built upon the combination of innovative beamforming (CrystalBeam), sophisticated image processing (CrystalLive) and advanced S-Vue Single Crystal Transducers to produce clear, uniform and high-resolution images. The V8 is equipped with technologies such as:

  • ShadowHDR, designed to suppress shadows and enhance the clarity of displayed grayscale images.
  • S-Shearwave Imaging, which provides information about tissue stiffness as a result of disease using ultrasonic transverse elasticity.
  • S-Fusion technology, which allows synchronous alignment of medical images of ultrasound with one or more cross-sectional studies such as MR, which are instantly reconstructed in the corresponding plane.
  • MV-Flow, which enhances the visualization of low-flow blood flow states.

The V8 also has various 3D, 4D and 5D technologies that allow the user to view anatomy with exceptional detail. One tool, 5D CNS+, simplifies fetal brain assessment by automatically providing nine planes simultaneously with biometric measurements. The V8 will deliver a new level of versatility and value to a wide range of diagnostic medical ultrasound departments.

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