Intelerad expands cloud-based products; adds clinical decision support system functionality

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PACS vendor Intelerad has expanded its cloud-based solution suite by adding an Imaging Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that now provides a complete cloud-based imaging platform. The Montreal-based Intelerad includes all infrastructure fees in its fee-per-study model using Cloud Imaging IaaS.

This cloud imaging platform allows Intelerad’s clients to offload IT management and reduce the need for hefty capital investment in IT infrastructure and personnel. Intelerad will design, procure, and maintain on-site hardware, storage infrastructure, and security.  Systems can be instantly scaled to meet real-time performance and storage needs, maintains 99.99% uptime, and stores client data securely across multiple sites.

Intelerad has also partnered with MedCurrent to seamlessly integrate MedCurrent’s OrderWise™ clinical decision support (CDS) software into InteleConnect® EV, Intelerad’s enhanced clinical portal. This CDS platform is designed to streamline ordering workflow. OrderWise assesses radiology orders and provides real-time recommendations based on appropriate use criteria and other clinical guidelines.

Through Intelerad’s MedCurrent integration, referring physicians in North America and internationally will be able to access the CDS directly within InteleConnect EV interface. Once a physician locates a patient, OrderWise can be launched with a single click to provide evidence-based recommendations on the appropriateness of an order. The resulting order will be sent to the customer’s radiology information system (RIS) and complete the workflow.

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Intelerad expands cloud-based products; adds clinical decision support system functionality.  Appl Radiol. 

By Staff News Brief| January 09, 2018

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