Guest Editorial: There’s music in the air…

By C. Douglas Phillips, MD, FACR
Our reading room has undergone fairly Draconian changes during the last 5 years. View boxes and rollerscopes have bid adieu. We now have workstation desks, PCs everywhere, big monitors, surge protectors, racks of wiring, and jacks in and out of the walls. It got a little unsightly, and I requested new carpet and new wall colors, as well as a nice desk and some shelving for our reading room coordinator. Then we brought in a little artwork (not university-approved) to spruce up the place a little. It almost looks right but is still too industrial. The little halogen recessed lights help a bit, but it still needs some serious “feng shui” to be correct. Back To Top

Guest Editorial: There’s music in the air….  Appl Radiol. 

November 03, 2005

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