DEL MEDICAL introduces long length DR flat panel detector

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DEL MEDICAL of Bloomingdale, IL, has introduced DELWORKS LLI, a monolithic flat panel detector with an active imaging area of 17” x 42”. This single piece detector enables spine and legs to be imaged with a single X-ray exposure. DELWORKS LLI is now commercially available, and may be purchased with new DEL MEDICAL radiography suites or retrofit to existing facilities.

The monolithic panel design of DELWORKS LLI reduces radiation dose exposure and eliminates software complexities associated with long digital radiography detectors that are comprised of multiple overlapping flat panels, according to the company. It eliminates multiple-image acquisition stitching, which can result in motion artifacts, image misalignment or foreshortening, and differences in visual density among the separate images.

The flat panel detector is portable, weighing 24 lbs, and can be used in supine or standing positions. DELWORKS 3.0 software faciltates wireless or wired transfer of images. By collimating to a smaller are of interest, it also may be used for routine studies.

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DEL MEDICAL introduces long length DR flat panel detector.  Appl Radiol. 

By Staff News Brief| August 26, 2019
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