Carestream Launches Cloud-Based Service Delivery System

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As part of a company-wide transformation aimed at improving service delivery and support for medical/radiology customers, Carestream Health introduces its Service System Standup Project.

The new service system is designed to make it easier for customers to engage with Carestream’s service team. One of its important new benefits is a modern, multi-lingual cloud-based field application that works with cell phones, tablets, patient portals and other self-service tools, while providing a 360 view of all customer service transactions.

Before the implementation of this platform, customers primarily needed to call Carestream service centers for support. Now, they can create a ticket online and view the status of their equipment and service requests at any time. The cloud-based system allows Carestream to better process customer requests and drive faster response to potential issues. It also gives Carestream greater visibility of data for analysis to facilitate more proactive support, leading to improved uptime for equipment for our customers.

“This is another example of Carestream listening to our customers and incorporating their feedback into our operations,” said Jatin Thakkar, General Manager, Global Services and Solutions at Carestream. “Customers wanted additional ways to interact and engage with our service centers, so we undertook this company-wide global transformation to meet their needs.”

The execution of this large global project earned Carestream the PMI Rochester Chapter Project of the Year award. The honor recognizes projects that best deliver superior performance of project management practices, exceptional organizational results and a positive impact or outcome.

“This new system was implemented with minimal impact to customers—tracked and confirmed by analyzing customer escalations and satisfaction,” Thakkar added. “This large-scale project supports Carestream’s ongoing commitment to drive customer excellence and to make our processes more efficient.”

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Carestream Launches Cloud-Based Service Delivery System.  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| December 15, 2021
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