Canon Medical Expands the Power of AI Across Imaging Modalities

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Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. is bringing the power of AI to routine imaging, with Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE), Canon Medical’s Deep Learning Reconstruction (DLR) technology, now being integrated across a broader portfolio of scanners with a wider range of clinical applications across modalities.

Cartesion Prime PET/CT system, a new premium
Digital PET/CT scanner for optimal PET/CT imaging
and workflow with a patient and operator-centric design.

AiCE was trained using vast amounts of high-quality image data, and features a deep learning neural network that can reduce noise and boost signal to quickly deliver sharp, clear and distinct images, further opening doors for advancements in CT and MR.

This innovative technology is currently cleared on the Aquilion ONE™ / GENESIS Edition and Aquilion Precision™ CT systems, and is pending 510(k) clearance on the Aquilion ONE™ / PRISM Edition and Aquilion™ Prime SP CT systems, as well as the Vantage GalanTM 3T and VantageTM Orian 1.5T MR systems.*

“We’ve completely redefined the majority of our CT portfolio, and at the core of this innovation is our leadership in deep learning. We’ve rolled out AiCE into all of our scanners rapidly because we believe every patient deserves it,” said Dhruv Mehta, senior manager of solutions marketing at Canon.

AiCE seamlessly integrates into radiologists’ routine practice to deliver high-quality images with the differentiation of true signal from noise through deep learning innovation to match the spatial resolution and low-noise properties of advanced scanning and reconstruction.

It also offers preferred image quality over non-AI reconstruction images following a clinical evaluation in MR, and where previously in CT, advanced approaches like MBIR had limited adoption due to perceived artificial texture.

The company also released the Aquilion™ ONE / PRISM Edition, a spectral CT system designed for deep intelligence that combines the power of AiCE with Deep Learning Spectral Reconstruction imaging capabilities. The advanced system integrates artificial intelligence (AI) technology to maximize conventional and spectral CT capabilities and automated workflows while providing intelligent clinical insights to assist physicians in making more informed decisions across the patient’s care cycle.

“This brings spectral CT to the market that overcomes all tradeoffs that traditionally existed before. It’s like getting spectral CT for ‘free’ with no tradeoffs,” said Mehta.

In addition, Canon Medical introduced the Cartesion Prime PET/CT system, a new premium Digital PET/CT scanner comprised of Canon Medical’s new premium SiPM PET detector and the Aquilion™ Prime SPCT system. It offers optimal PET/CT imaging and workflow with a patient and operator-centric design. With features such fast time-of-flight resolution and large axial field of view, clinicians can now provide patients with higher quality image resolution at faster scan times, which not only increases the productivity of clinicians, but also enables a more comfortable, personalized patient experience.

“Cartesion Prime brings together a brand-new CT and a brand-new PET with a digital detector that offers balanced performance for both radiologists and the technologists who will use it every day,” said Angela Dunaway, global PET/CT marketing manager.

*Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) MR pending 510(k) clearance on the Vantage Galan 3T and Vantage Orian 1.5T systems. AiCE MR is applicable to neuro and knee imaging.

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Canon Medical Expands the Power of AI Across Imaging Modalities.  Appl Radiol. 

By Staff News Brief| December 03, 2019
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