New Peripheral Vascular Microcatheters Advance Treatment Capabilities

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Transit Scientific announced the commercial availability and first clinical use of 12 XO Cross Microcatheters with hydrophilic coating to deliver new levels of pushability, trackability, flexibility, and torque response to access challenging lesions and complex anatomy. XO Cross's non-tapered, metal-alloy and polymer construction delivers high fatigue-resistance against tough lesions found in late-stage peripheral artery disease (PAD) and critical limb ischemia (CLI).

Jihad Mustapha, MD, FACC, FSCAI, interventional cardiologist at Advanced Cardiac & Vascular Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan USA performed procedures using 2F XO Cross 14 Microcaths in 90cm and 175cm lengths, designed to facilitate guidewire support, guidewire exchange, and contrast media injection during complex peripheral vascular interventions.   

"The 1:1 torque of the XO Cross 14 provided new levels of trackability during the procedures," said Jihad Mustapha, MD, FACC, FSCAI. "The XO Cross 14 performed well when treating anterior tibial artery (AT) to posterior tibial artery (PT) pedal loop chronic total occlusions (CTOs), showing uniquely impressive navigation throughout the pedals, saving time and elevating treatment capabilities."

Dr. Mustapha added, "The XO Cross 14 enabled me to effectively cross four chronic CTOs in the pedal loop and then push up into the proximal posterior tibial to treat an additional CTO during a limb-salvage procedure. I would not have been able to access this CTO without the XO Cross 14 Catheter."

AT to PT pedal loop procedures typically involve crossing narrow, tortuous, stenosed, and potentially calcified and/or occluded distal vasculature to facilitate treatment.  Penetrating certain narrow lesions can cause guidewires and catheters to buckle, increasing procedure time, requiring device escalation, increasing X-ray exposure, increasing costs, and increasing risk of procedural complications.

"XO Cross technology continues to perform well in difficult anatomy," said Greg Method, President & CEO of Transit Scientific. "Successfully performing in AT to PT pedal loop procedures further demonstrates how XO Cross technology can help physicians treat diverse disease with better tools."

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New Peripheral Vascular Microcatheters Advance Treatment Capabilities .  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| January 18, 2022

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