FDA clears Siemens Healthineers’ Mammography Smart Reading and Workflow Solutions

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Siemens Healthineers announces US FDA clearance of MAMMOVISTA B.smart reading platform to accelerate reading workflow and the teamplay Mammo Dashboard tool to optimize workflow through visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs) in the breast imaging process.  

Designed with user feedback, MAMMOVISTA B.smart has an intuitive user interface that supports maximum reading performance across multiple imaging modalities and reduces the number of clicks required for specific tasks in addition to increasing image loading speed by up to 75 percent, according to the company. Optional artificial intelligence-supported workflows highlight breast tissue abnormalities during the reading phase and provide a confidence score; this score indicates the algorithm’s assessment of the probability of cancerous tissue. Implementing evidence-based AI can help users increase accuracy by up to 10 percent, according to an FDA wide-angle DBT study with Transpara, and reduce radiologist workloads. Those workloads have increased in recent years due to expanded breast care screening programs and the complexity of multimodality diagnostics.

Operating on the Siemens Healthineers teamplay Digital Health Platform, teamplay Mammo Dashboard offers an intuitive overview of specific institution, modality, and examination KPIs to highlight potential workflow optimizations. Tracked KPIs – including radiation dose, compression, and device utilization – bring transparency to key steps of the mammography examination process while identifying possible bottlenecks. With this information, institutions can increase workflow efficiency and standardization in imaging. 

“MAMMOVISTA B.smart and teamplay Mammo Dashboard are powerful additions to the holistic breast health portfolio of Siemens Healthineers, which covers every step along a woman’s breast health journey,” said Niral Patel, Vice President of X-ray Products at Siemens Healthineers North America. “These latest offerings optimize radiologist workflow and can help healthcare institutions standardize their fleet of mammography systems, supporting the larger goal of optimizing breast cancer care for every woman.”

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FDA clears Siemens Healthineers’ Mammography Smart Reading and Workflow Solutions.  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| November 22, 2021

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