Working Smarter with Adaptive Intelligence


With swiftly growing amounts of information being generated in health care, artificial intelligence (AI) tools are needed now more than ever to aid the transition to the data-driven management and computer-aided clinical decision support that can increase efficiency and ease the burden on care providers.

As Philips continues to advance our strategy of patient-centered innovation, we’re keeping this transformation top of mind. We’re striving to enhance the patient experience with new imaging technologies and software designed to distill and manage data, enabling radiologists to focus on delivering high-quality care and achieving the best possible clinical outcomes.

We’re bridging the data gap with our own Adaptive Intelligence, which uses new software tools to manage the information required for today’s comprehensive diagnostics. And we’re developing smarter devices to improve efficiencies and increase operator ease. But the key component to Philips’ Adaptive Intelligence is our deep contextual knowledge of the professionals across the entire imaging value chain, whose needs and environment drive the innovations we deliver. Through continuous collaboration with our customers, we’re augmenting the role of the radiologist, enhancing value in the imaging suite, reducing costs and, most importantly, improving outcomes.

In the following pages, clinicians from a range of specialties and institutions across the U.S. share their experience with Philips’ latest innovations. From our new MR suite with AI-embedded technologies such as Compressed Sense, to IQon “Always On” Spectral CT, and the entire suite of data-driven practice management tools on Performance Bridge, we’re reinforcing our commitment to enhancing the patient and staff experience, simplifying data and insight gathering, and reducing the overall cost of care.

We would like to extend our thanks to all the clinicians and administrators included in this special supplement for their collaboration as we work together to improve outcomes. It is through these collaborations that Philips can help to meet the needs of all providers and empower them to deliver better care.

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