With Gratitude

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My first and most important task as the new Editor-in-Chief is to express my gratitude for this tremendous opportunity.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it,” wrote author and educator William Arthur Ward, “is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” However, I truly feel as though I have been given a gift: the gift of your time and attention when you choose to read Applied Radiology. Along with the authors who so graciously share their time and expertise, you are the lifeblood of Applied Radiology; you are the very reason we exist.

I am especially grateful to Oliver and Kieran Anderson, and the entire team at Anderson Publishing, Ltd., for their faith in me and for bestowing upon me the honor and responsibility of leading this outstanding publication. I look forward to working closely with all of them, as well as our superb Editorial Advisory Board. I have had the privilege of working alongside our board members to advance Applied Radiology for nearly 12 years. Their counsel and guidance in the past have been invaluable and I look forward to working together as we continue to grow Applied Radiology.

A simple thank you seems woefully inadequate in honoring and acknowledging my immediate predecessor, and our new Emeritus Editor, Stuart E. Mirvis, MD, FACR. Stu’s dedication to and passion for Applied Radiology over the past 18 years have largely made the journal what it is today – one of the most widely read publications in all of radiology. Stu and Linda Cohen Mirvis, our equally dedicated former Administrative Editor, have firmly established Applied Radiology as the go-to resource for today’s radiology practice. I intend to build on their legacy and do them proud.

I am also grateful for the support of our advertisers, without whom our journal could not exist, let alone enable us offer Applied Radiology at no cost to our subscribers. I thank them all for their ongoing commitment to our mission and for supporting the efforts to expand our reach to a broader audience.

Finally, I must also express my love, gratitude, and greatest appreciation to my family for their support and understanding of the time and energy that I will devote to Applied Radiology. Simply put, I could not do this without them.

My inbox at erin@appliedradiology.com is always open. I invite you to send me your ideas, to recommend topics for editorials, and to tell me what you love about Applied Radiology or what you think we could improve upon to better achieve our mission to provide the kind of high-quality, practical radiologic content that cannot be found anywhere else. I would be grateful if you would reach out to me and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Simon Schwartz E.  With Gratitude.  Appl Radiol.  2019;8(4):8.

By Erin Simon Schwartz, MD, FACR| July 31, 2019
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About the Author

Erin Simon Schwartz, MD, FACR

Erin Simon Schwartz, MD, FACR

Dr. Schwartz is the Editor-in-Chief of Applied Radiology. She is the Chief of the Division of Neuroradiology and holds the Robert A Zimmerman Chair in Pediatric Neuroradiology in the Department of Radiology at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She is also an Associate Professor of Radiology, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

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