United Imaging Introduces New MRI and Mobile X-ray Systems at RSNA

At RSNA 2023, United Imaging will feature the 510k pending uMR Jupiter 5T, a whole-body MRI system. It transcends the traditional constraints of ultra-high-field MRI, previously confined to imaging of the brain and selected MSK joints. The potential applications of the uMR Jupiter 5T extend to encompass the abdomen, heart, pelvis, and additional anatomical regions. uMR Jupiter has the potential to eclipse the capabilities of standard 3T MRI machines in resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, delivering clarity that empowers radiologists to uncover clinical details previously hidden, truly allowing them to 'see the unseen.' The uMR Jupiter 5T is also designed to overcome the key hurdles of ultra-high field MRI: image uniformity and radio frequency safety. It fits into existing 3T MRI spaces, signaling a significant advancement in the industry. Furthermore, it is equipped with the uAIFI Technology Platform, enhancing it with the transformative power of accessible artificial intelligence.

In addition to showcasing the uMR Jupiter 5.0T, the booth will also feature the uAIFI Technology Platform. This platform brings a new level of AI integration to uMR systems, significantly improving image quality and making diagnostic processes faster and more user-friendly. Standout features include ACS, the FDA-approved AI-assisted MR acceleration technology designed to enhance both 2D and 3D imaging, and EasySense respiratory gating and monitoring, offering a unique, belt-free experience for patients while simultaneously streamlining the workflow for healthcare professionals.

United Imaging will also unveil the uDR 380i Pro, a mobile x-ray system characterized by its sleek and lightweight design with robust 50 kW power capacity. The uDR 380i Pro delivers power at the point of care with its  uVision remote console. With its compact and lightweight design and flexible positioning (and featuring a long-range battery capacity that allows up to 800 X-ray exposures per charge), the uDR 380i Pro fits in the tightest of spaces such as the Emergency Room (ER) and Intensive Care Units (ICU).

"RSNA 2023's theme 'Leading through Change' resonates with our core values," says Dr Al Zhang, PhD, Chairman & Co-CEO, "and reflects United Imaging's brand promise of 'Passion for Change.' Our technology is designed to prove our commitment to the U.S. and global markets. And our investment in innovation has yielded tangible results, evidenced by our customers' success stories in the U.S. and worldwide, reinforcing our vision and dedication to excellence in the global healthcare market."

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