SyntheticMR Software Nets Canadian Regulatory Approval

SyntheticMR’s quantitative imaging software solution, SyMRI, has received regulatory approval in Canada and can now be sold and distributed in this market.

SyMRI NEURO is designed to help you save valuable time by reducing scan time, all the while aiding as an objective decision support for diagnosis and patient follow-ups. In a single fast scan SyMRI NEURO offers a fast and standardized protocol with clinically relevant quantitative data for more robust assessments of patients. Additionally, SyMRI NEURO provides automatic segmentation of tissue such as myelin volumes, quantification of white matter, gray matter, cerebrospinal fluid and brain parenchymal volume, and data-driven diagnostic support.

SyMRI MSK provides more information in less time. One single fast scan produces quantitative T1, T2, and PD maps and a series of contrast-weighted images, for both clinical use and advanced research. SyMRI MSK also gives the radiologist more control over the image quality by making it possible to change echo time (TE), repetition time (TR), and inversion delay (TI) post-scan.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our SyMRI software to the Canadian market,” says Kyle Frye, President of SyntheticMR Inc. “With this expansion, we now have access to all North American markets. This opens the door to a plethora of opportunities for SyntheticMR and I am excited to see how we enable radiologists in this region to make better, more informed decisions using quantitative imaging.”

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