Subtle Medical Unveils New AI-Based Workflow Innovations

Subtle Medical will showcase a new bundle of workflow features in research and development known as SubtleALLY. This package addresses complex workflow challenges and reduces radiologist burnout by standardizing radiology processes that physicians often perform manually today. Features include image quality checks, automatic labeling, perfect image reformats, and a performance insights dashboard.

Subtle will also highlight the 510(k) pending SubtleSYNTH, a tool in synthetic imaging that uses deep learning to synthesize MR imaging contrast from already acquired contrasts, enabling a 100% acceleration. Shorter scan times translate to the ability to scan more patients per day, thereby increasing service capacity and reducing wait times for critical imaging procedures—a significant challenge in many countries today.

Co-founder and CEO of Subtle Medical, Enhao Gong, PhD, emphasized the company's unwavering commitment to innovation, saying, "At Subtle Medical, innovation is in our DNA. We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in medical imaging technology to provide better patient care and streamline workflows for healthcare providers. Our AI-powered solutions are driving a transformation in the quality and efficiency of medical imaging."

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