Sick and Tired

By Schwartz ES

Our family was finally taken down by COVID. We managed to avoid it for three years. My child is one of the very few who still masks at school and is fully vaccinated and boosted, but even that wasn’t enough to keep it from invading our home.

And then we all got the flu despite being vaccinated against that, too. So, it’s been nearly a month straight of sick parents caring for a sick child while still working full time (remotely, of course, so as not to spread our crud).

But deadlines don’t wait and they say laughter is the best medicine, so allow me to present this list of the best quotes that this sick and tired editor-in-chief could uncover for your entertainment:

“I am tired of being tired and talking about how tired I am.”

—Amy Poehler

“Before I had kids, I thought I had a great immune system, but it turns out I was just really good at staying away from the type of people who sneeze directly into your eyeballs while telling you a story.”

—Lurkin’ Mom (via Twitter)

“I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.”


“How am I doing? Well, I just wiped down the container of Lysol wipes with a Lysol wipe. So I’m fine. Everything’s fine.”

—The Mom TruthBomb (via Twitter)

“The bags under my eyes were definitely well past the carry-on limit.”

— Sarah Gailey

“I finally got 8 hours of sleep. It took me four days, but whatever.”


“Having children is like living in a frat house—nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up.”

—Ray Romano

Hopefully, by our next issue, spring will have sprung and this will all be a distant memory. Until then, we’ll keep hydrating, resting, and trying not to sneeze into each other’s eyeballs. I recommend you do the same.

Schwartz ES. (Mar 07, 2023). Sick and Tired. Appl Radiol. 2023; 52(2):6.

Dr. Schwartz is the Editor-in-Chief of Applied Radiology. She is the Chief of the Division of Neuroradiology and holds the Robert A Zimmerman Chair in Pediatric Neuroradiology in the Department of Radiology at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She is also an Associate Professor of Radiology, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

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