Samsung Launches Ultrasound Digital Platform for Women’s Health

Boston Imaging, the US headquarters of Samsung’s digital radiography and ultrasound business, announced the launch of the Samsung Ultrasound Institute of Technology and Education (theSUITE), a new Women's Health ultrasound digital platform for sonologists, sonographers and healthcare professionals. theSUITE will formally debut at the 44th Annual Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine Pregnancy Meeting, February 10-14.

“We are excited to offer an innovative, technology-forward platform that will engage ultrasound users focused on improving women’s health in the United States,” said David Legg, Head of Boston Imaging. “By utilizing Samsung’s technological advancements, theSUITE will serve as a centralized hub of information, empowering clinicians with the knowledge and tools to promote cutting-edge healthcare. This collaboration site is expected to provide users with an engaging space to build their professional network and advance the standard of care.”

The user-friendly online resource will provide access to a wide range of offerings, including live training events, community forums where users can interact and network with their peers, and an education hub for obstetrics and gynecological clinical specialties. theSUITE is equipped with application tips to not only harness the full power of each Samsung ultrasound system but to expand the users’ awareness of the latest industry breakthroughs.

“Ultrasound is a constantly evolving field that is a natural fit for technological advancements that improve patient care,” said Tracy Bury, Women’s Health Segment Leader for Boston Imaging. “By being open to all ultrasound users, theSUITE is an interactive resource for both novice and expert ultrasound professionals to learn and engage around state-of-the-art innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, telesonography and ultrasound fleet management. With theSUITE, Samsung is arming registrants with a free, comprehensive solution to elevate the quest of a patient-centered, technology-embraced community.”

theSUITE will be updated regularly to provide healthcare professionals with innovative solutions and to support Samsung’s pledge to life-long healthcare of women.

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