Samsung Introduces Glass-Free X-ray Detector

Samsung announced the availability of its new flagship detector, the recently US FDA-cleared AccE Glass-Free Detector.

The AccE Glass-Free Detector was designed to deliver high-resolution images of a digital detector, while offering exceptional user and patient benefits. It has a lightweight design, weighing approximately 4.5 lbs without the batter set, which is 27% lighter than the company’s S4335-AW model. The detector exhibits a 76% DQE and features a non-glass flexible panel with center-engraving to position a patient, a side chamfer to ease lifting and a rear grip to support transportation. It holds up to 881 pounds of surface load and 441 pounds of patient load, and is dust and water resistant.

“Being at the forefront of advancing healthcare imaging, we have recognized the need for new solutions that enhance both patient and user comfortability,” said David Legg, Vice President, Head of Boston Imaging. “From the ER to the OR, our glass-free detector exhibits reliability in versatile environments to help get the job done – and done well.”

The AccE Glass-Free Detector can be used on the AccE GM85 mobile Digital Radiography system and is coming soon to the AccE GC85A.

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