RSNA Fast 5 Provided a Unique Array of Ways to Lead Through Change

On Tuesday morning in the Arie Crown Theater, thought leaders presented on non-clinical topics that reflect the RSNA 2023 theme, Leading Through Change. This crowd favorite annual session has one caveat: speakers must keep their presentations to five minutes or less. Amid a program of lengthy detail-rich talks and an abundance of elaborate booth demonstrations, attendees enjoyed this fast-paced session, moderated by Angel Alberto Gomez-Cintron, MD, MPH, a musculoskeletal radiologist at the University of Texas Health San Antonio, which covered a variety of compelling topics.

The first presenter, Kara Geatke-Udager, MD, associate professor of musculoskeletal imaging at the University of Michigan Health System, discussed the importance of teaching in leadership. The presentation “Teaching Future Radiologists: What’s In It For Me?” explained how students aren’t the only beneficiaries of the teacher-pupil relationship; there are benefits for educators, as well.

“When you teach at a workstation or give a conference, you’re not just giving. You’re building on what you know and learning new things. You can’t become stagnant, because you have bright trainees keeping you on your toes,” Dr Geatke-Udager said. “It can [also] reduce the transactional feeling of our job. It’s actually a winning equation.”

Dr Geatke-Udager also described how well-trained residents take excellent care of patients, and could end up as future colleagues or even a reader of a family member’s study. Positive teaching and learning experiences also build a productive culture and enthusiastic mindset that can expand to grow more trainees and, ultimately, more radiologists. Further, teaching helps educators’ skills remain sharp; every teacher is faced with a question they don’t know the answer to, she said.

While teaching can be taxing and managing residents of various stages brings challenges, it’s important that educators “dig deep” and “think about the motivators,” even the ones that go beyond altruism, Dr Geatke-Udager said.

“Be the best teacher you can be, and in return you will gain more outstanding radiologists in the workforce, amazing future colleagues, an incredible culture at work, ever growing clinical expertise, constant inspiration and innovative thinking, and a practice that everyone would love to be a part of,” she concluded.

The next Fast 5 presenter, Anne Darrow, MD, a diagnostic radiology resident at John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County in Chicago, focused on the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in care, particularly in the LGBTQ community. She spearheaded the program, MORE: Mentoring, Outreach, & Resources for Equity to facilitate stronger care in diverse communities, particularly for transgender patients.

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