RSNA 2022: Disneyland for Radiologists

Doug PhillipsI’ve been to a fair number of RSNAs. Over 30 for those of you keeping score. I wanted to jot down my observations on RSNA 2022 while I’m still here, in the thick of it.

In my mind, RSNA is a love-hate thing. You either love it and can’t wait for the next one, or you hate it and wish it would just go away. Well, it ain’t going away, so best to just love it.

First, RSNA is too big. It is way, way too big. The classic elephant sandwich thing – sure, you can eat an elephant sandwich, but you have to have patience and a big appetite. Along with large slices of bread.

Second, RSNA is too vast. This is different than big. This is a point easily understood by those who have back-to-back meetings in the Lakeside building and S505. Probably best to have a stylish Ducati awaiting you, warmed up and ready to go, so you can blast across the bridge and up the escalator. Now THAT would make a statement.

And finally, RSNA gives you w-a-a-a-ay, wa-a-a-a-y too much new material. Even nibbling at the new concepts, sequences, scanners, agents, etc, is not a task for the faint of heart or small of mind. Teacher, may I be excused?  My head is full (nod to Gary Larson).

I love RSNA. Always have. First RSNA I went to, I didn’t have a proper winter coat. But even the six inches of blowing, new snow that greeted me that first morning when I had to walk several blocks from my bargain hotel to the shuttle bus couldn’t change my mind that I had stepped into something awesome. Walking McCormick Place with my sopping wet light jacket and frozen fingers seemed like a rite of passage. It was amazing.

The radiologists here are like kids in their first time at FAO Schwarz. Eyes scanning everything (catch the pun there?), stopping to marvel at the displays, wanting to touch everything, possess everything. It’s no wonder they sell so much new imaging equipment. “I want that new MR scanner! It will look so great in my apartment—uh, my department!” 

The virtual RSNA thing just wasn’t the same. It is the sights, sounds, feel, and pressure of humanity that makes RSNA the RSNA I love. Bring it on. See you next year.

Keep doing that good work. Mahalo.

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