RSNA 2017: Lunit’s INSIGHT cloud-based AI software makes debut

By Staff News Brief

Lunit, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered image analysis software company, is demonstrating for the first time its new, advanced cloud-based AI solution for real-time analysis. The first commercially available AI module of Lunit INSIGHT is a chest x-ray solution.

The chest x-ray AI module detects major chest abnormalities, lung nodule/mass, consolidation and pneumotherax. The company states that it has a 97% standalone accuracy in nodule detection and a 99% accuracy for consolidation and pneumothorax.  A spokesperson for the Seoul, South Korea-based company said that clinical studies have shown Lunit INSIGHT to significantly increase the diagnostic performance of its users up to 20% for both radiologists and non-radiology physicians.

Users can upload medical images online at the Lunit INSIGHT web page. AI analysis results appear in several seconds. These results include the level of abnormality and the visualization of the AI attention map.

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RSNA 2017: Lunit’s INSIGHT cloud-based AI software makes debut.  Appl Radiol. 

By Staff News Brief| November 29, 2017

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