Platform Enables Analysis of Unstructured Imaging Data from Devices and VNAs

Omnilndex will bring its unstructured data analytics platform to healthcare, enabling healthcare providers to analyze data from their imaging devices as well as other vendor neutral archives. Images contain a wealth of information for clinicians and not just about the patient but the devices itself. Patient data includes what type of scan, when they were carried out, and which clinician was in charge. Device management is also facilitated in terms of device utilization and gaining insight into procedures undertaken.

The OmniIndex Health platform delivers a single easy-to-read dashboard that affords a level of granularity not previously available. Not only does the solution offer insight to hospital managers as to where there is spare capacity, but also give clinicians all the data about a particular patient laid out in a secure dashboard.

OmniIndex is based on a powerful AI Engine which enables detailed Sentiment, Context, File and PII analysis across a healthcare enterprise's unstructured imaging data, no matter what or where it resides.

Simon Bain, CEO, OmniIndex, stated, "In recent years, the healthcare information system based on structured and unstructured data sources has been growing rapidly and is being adapted to medical information to derive important health trends and support timely preventive care. The utilization of healthcare analytics is also growing from patient records, clinical notes, as well as devices. Data from these sources require proper management and analysis in order to derive meaningful information. The challenge addressed by OmniIndex is bringing this alive from these multiple data sources."

The Cloud Platform Marketplaces are one of the biggest developments in cloud hosting. They have led to many people being able to get access to cloud hosting without having the technical knowledge that has traditionally been required by other providers.

Bain continued, "The OmniIndex Health Platform enables this level of granularity straight out-of-the-box. Working within your own Google or Oracle Cloud and setup with three clicks of a mouse, it enables hospitals, doctors' surgeries, and other primary care practices to have usable and meaning full analytics for their data. Analytics that provide a return on investment, and not just for the sake of having analytics."

This go-to-market strategy has been specifically chosen for its simplicity and convenience with pricing following the model of the Cloud Marketplaces based on per minute billing based on CPU usage.

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