Philips’ MR Subscription Service | Unlock the Full Potential of MR Imaging Technology

By Mary Beth Massat

Radiology is undergoing a significant transformation, with faster and smarter technologies leading the way.  Yet this accelerated pace of evolution is challenging healthcare facilities and radiology departments to provide the latest MR technologies with limited capital equipment resources and budgets. 

“Hospitals, radiology practices and enterprise systems are all being challenged on the capital front, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Chip Truwit, MD, FACR.  After 30 years as a neuroradiologist, 19 of those as Chief of Radiology at Hennepin Healthcare's Department of Radiology in Minneapolis, MN, and in his role as the former Medical Officer of Precision Diagnosis at Philips, Dr. Truwit understands these challenges.  He’s now helping to forge a path to keep health care systems ahead of the technology curve.

With Philips’ new MR Subscription Service, facilities can seamlessly update and upgrade their MR software without installing a new magnet.  It’s a cost-effective path to providing the latest MR imaging technology to patients.  “With MR Subscription Service, you get every piece of software application that is available for that scanner, including all sorts of applications that have been deployed since you bought it,” Dr. Truwit explains.

Facilities can purchase the subscription as an operating expense over several years instead of facing one larger capital expense, improving capital budget management and purchasing power.  “Now you're getting a lot more value without a huge capital investment,” he explains. “If you can get a few extra years on your existing magnet before you have to invest in a new one, it's a good deal.”

Growing the practice

The subscription model includes a visit from an applications specialist and on-demand support, powered by analytics and technology that allows the specialist to guide users through image acquisition, post sequence processes, and image reconstructions.  Customers can use Philips’ MR Subscription Service to unlock the full potential of their entire fleet for today – and tomorrow.  “It gives you experience with applications you’ll actually use,” Dr. Truwit says.

The service helps any size facility grow their practice, while keeping up with the latest technology.  “You might not want to buy cardiac software, 3D APT (Amide Proton Transfer) for tumor evaluation, arterial spin labeling, or the latest software.  Now, with MR Subscription it's at your fingertips,” he says. “Philips will train you to use the applications, and you’ll have the opportunity to build a practice around them.”

The applications can help position the practice for flexible future growth, with options that give them control over their progress. “Once you’ve built that practice, you might want to ensure your next magnet comes with that software, or you might want to continue the subscription model, even on a brand-new scanner,” he explains.

Maximize MR investments

Philips’ MR Subscription also includes analytics that deliver data-driven insights into how the facility is using the scanner so they can maximize their investment.  It can compare similar facilities’ usage to help the facility get – and stay – up to speed.  In addition, this supports facilities’ future investments in MR technology and applications. 

“You can use MR Subscription to get caught up. It’s going to help you along the way with clinical support and analyze how you're doing things.  You get anything that comes along over the course of this subscription from Philips,” he says. “As soon as features are turned on commercially, they're turned on at your scanner.  You don't have to order them.  That's a huge deal because it's keeping you at the front edge of advancements in technology.”

Overall, MR Subscription helps facilities better plan for capital expenditures,  and delivers the newest applications that will usher in a new era of functionality.  “This MR Subscription allows radiologists to maximize their dollars during a challenging time,” says Dr. Truwit. “This is really an exciting time for MR.

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Philips’ MR Subscription Service | Unlock the Full Potential of MR Imaging Technology .  Appl Radiol. 

February 10, 2022

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