Philips Launches Lightweight, Flexible MRI Coils

Royal Philips launched three new MR Smart Fit coils at RSNA 2023, designed to provide exceptional flexibility and a significant reduction in patient setup time. The new coils are optimized with Philips’ SmartSpeed AI solution, which allows for better image quality resolution and improved diagnostic confidence for healthcare providers.

“Our new Smart Fit coils are an integral part of our patient-centric workflows in MR, with a focus on raising productivity and simplifying workflow,” said Ruud Zwerink, General Manager Magnetic Resonance at Philips. “They combine with our advanced AI-powered software that reduces scanning time and dramatically cuts the number of steps needed to complete an exam. These newly designed coils will help to speed up MR exam process, improving both efficiency and the overall experience for patients.” 

Thin, flexible and lightweight, the Smart Fit TorsoCardiac 1.5T coil is a great example of the new coils’ versatile design. With the ability to bend more than 90 degrees in all directions and improved coverage, it is designed to enable trained physicians to obtain cross-sectional images of the internal structure of the head, body or extremities. The coil provides exceptional flexibility and can be wrapped around difficult anatomies, such as long bones, and can be used to image patients suffering from unilateral hip pain, or those with a plaster cast. To improve radiology productivity, the Smart Fit 1.5T shoulder coil is designed to reduce setup time by 10%, with the patient prepared while sitting on the table. Finally, the Smart Fit Knee 3.0T coil can be used with a wide range of patients, with easy and fast positioning on the table.

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