Partnership Will Streamline Access to Chest AI Solutions

Two providers of AI for medical imaging are collaborating to provide a seamless workflow to improve patient outcomes while enabling radiologists to read faster with commercially available solutions. Aidoc and Riverain Technologies say their partnership will improve provider access to both solutions by incorporating Riverain’s commercially available algorithms with the Aidoc platform. With one clinical platform, thoracic physicians, medical facilities, and radiology groups will now have access to a comprehensive AI solution that improves patient care.

Aidoc’s suite of AI solutions delivers a unified and seamless cross-specialty AI experience for physicians in nearly 600 medical centers across the globe. Aidoc’s solutions enable radiologists to expedite patient treatment and improve quality of care by immediately flagging acute anomalies such as pulmonary embolism, intracranial hemorrhage, and stroke - in real time. Riverain developed the first concurrent read FDA cleared algorithm for the early and efficient detection of lung disease. Riverain’s clinically trusted and proven solutions, ClearRead CT and ClearRead Xray, remove vessel and bone structure noise, proven to increase efficiency across all chest studies, while simultaneously increasing nodule detection rates.

“Aidoc has mastered various critical findings throughout the body, providing hospitals with a robust AI platform that serves key clinical use cases. With Riverain, we are doubling down on delivering an integrated chest AI package to customers – offering Riverain’s FDA-cleared lung nodule detection and measurement with our FDA-cleared PE, incidental PE and rib fracture modules,” said Tom Valent, VP Business Development at Aidoc. “We are excited about the new addition to our growing platform as it will further enable us to offer one point of access to a crucial assembly of clinically proven AI solutions, all delivered in a streamlined manner into existing physician workflows.”

“At Riverain, we deliver technology that transforms futures – our customers trust and value our robust chest health solutions focused on early disease and nodule detection. We are thrilled to collaborate with Aidoc to simplify physician workflow and efficiency while improving lung imaging and care on behalf of patients and providers,” said Mark Koeniguer, Chief Commercial Officer at Riverain Technologies.

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