Next-Generation FibroScan With Improved Measurement Guidance Released Worldwide

Echosens announced its new next-generation FibroScan with Guided Vibration- Controlled Transient Elastography (VCTE) technology is now available globally. First launched in the US in February, this next- generation FibroScan meets the urgent need for precise, efficient, and non-invasive liver assessment, delivering on the needs of healthcare professionals at the forefront of patient care.

Laurent Sandrin, founder and Chief Science & Innovation Officer of Echosens, underscores the crucial role of healthcare professionals in increasing screening rates, with three in 10 people globally at risk for liver disease. "Given the projected surge in liver disease cases, it is imperative to

bolster screening rates for early detection. Our next-generation FibroScan, featuring our patented Guided VCTE technology, is designed to be an indispensable and efficient tool for both diagnosis and monitoring. We are committed to elevating the liver care standards for all patients, including obese patients, where assessments were previously challenging. We recognize and value the pivotal role of healthcare professionals in this process."

Guided VCTE leverages Echosens' diagnostic expertise, providing precise liver stiffness and steatosis measurements. Healthcare professionals can use this sophisticated, user-friendly technology for rapid, non-invasive evaluations across varied patient demographics, improving diagnostic speed and workflow.

"Our goal is to increase the accessibility of liver assessments, and we believe that empowering healthcare providers with a technology that is accurate, simple, and fast is the key. As global rates of metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) and metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis (MASH) grow, our commitment to innovation and equipping healthcare providers with world-class technology is emboldened," continued Sandrin.

Patients benefit from quicker and more efficient evaluations, reducing anxiety and discomfort. Immediate results also lead to more productive consultations at the point of care, minimizing decision-making and treatment-initiation delays.

"One of the standout benefits of the next-generation FibroScan enhancement is the improved quality and consistency of the results obtained. By incorporating Guided VCTE, as healthcare providers, we can achieve more accurate and reliable assessments of liver stiffness, leading to improved patient diagnostic outcomes," said Louise Campbell, Nurse Specialist and Clinical Director at Tawazun Health. "This is particularly important in the context of liver health and disease, as early detection and accurate monitoring are essential for optimal patient care."

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