New Year, New Section

By Schwartz ES

At the risk of repeating myself,1 I am excited to introduce another new section of the Editorial Advisory Board of Applied Radiology called, “Global Radiology.” This section will be under the direction of Associate Editor Pradnya Mhatre, MD, MRMD (MRSC), who is transitioning from our Advocacy/Governmental Affairs section. Dr Mhatre is an assistant professor of Radiology and Imaging Sci- ences at the Emory University School of Medicine, as well as the Program Manager of Radiology Safety/Quality Assurance for RAD-AID International. Dr Mhatre has skillfully developed and led the Global Health Imaging department, and we are thrilled to have a new board section dedicated to medical imaging issues of worldwide relevance.

Joining Dr Mhatre in this section is Reed Omary, MD, MS, the Carol D. and Henry P. Pendergrass Professor of Radiology & Radiological Sciences and a professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Dr Omary also recently stepped away from his longtime position as the institution’s chair of radiology (2012-2023) to undertake a year-long sabbatical focusing on climate change and sustainability. Dr Omary intends to bring an environmental impact perspective to our global section.

Yet another new Associate Editor, K. Elizabeth Hawk, MS, MD, PhD, will lead our newly renamed Nuclear and Molecular Imaging section. By replacing the section’s previous name, Nuclear Medicine, we believe the section will more accurately reflect the nature of this important and rapidly evolving field.

Please also join me in thanking Blake Johnson, MD, as he transitions off the editorial advisory board. Dr. Johnson was the longest- serving member of our Neuroradiology section, and we will miss his lively participation in our editorial board meetings.

And we’re still not finished. Our Radiological Cases, Body Imaging, Emergency Imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging, and Neuroradiology sections would all be well served by more members eager to share their expertise with readers of Applied Radiology. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to send me your CV!


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